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Little Lisbon’s services and products are offered to the customer under the following terms and conditions, which the Customer acknowledges and accepts.


Little Lisbon’s liability regime complies with the general principles of Portuguese law.
Little Lisbon subcontracts transportation services, visits, educational activities and entertainment, and will not be responsible for any damage, loss, cancellation or delays relating to acts, omissions, accidents, errors or omissions supplied by the entities providing such services. 


Program Changes and Alterations
Whenever possible, if the customer wishes to change the program or itinerary, a new quote will be provided for prior acceptance. Little Lisbon might change the conditions set out in the programs if such alterations become advisable or necessary for the safety or well-being of the customer, who will be previously informed. In case of bad weather, Little Lisbon reserves the right to cancel the tour, giving the option of rescheduling or refund.

Indicated prices include VAT.  

A Booking Fee will be charged when booking Experiences and Workshops.



Personal accidents insurance for the participants of our programs is included (applicable only to walking tours and guided visits, up to 8 participants). If you have a larger group (9+ participants), and if you would like to activate the insurance for all participants, please request an additional insurance contract. Insurance is not applicable to subcontracted services (such as private transport, workshops and experiences provided by our partners). Little Lisbon will not be responsible for any damage or loss of the clients’ personal objects.


An advanced payment of 50% of the total cost of the program(s) is requested upon reservation (booking deposit). The complete payment (balance) is requested up to 48 hours beforehand. For Experiences and Workshops, as well as subcontracted services (e.g. car transfer and others), booking requests require a minimum of  10 weekdays in advance and the complete payment (100%) is requested upon booking confirmation. Little Lisbon does not hold pre-booking (unpaid) dates.


Payment is made in Euro (€), by PayPal or bank transfer. Amounts transferred must include any bank transfer charges/fees. Credit/debit cards are accepted on the PayPal platform (a PayPal active account is not required).

Price Alterations
Little Lisbon will not alter the indicated quotes, unless the program or itinerary is changed on client’s request.


Pricing Policy
Prices are listed next to each program. Unless otherwise indicated, our programs are free for children under 48 months when accompanying siblings with 4+ years and their families. Adult price applicable for 13+ years old. Child price applicable for participants aged 4 to 12 years old.

At any time the client may cancel the program, by written communication. Up to 48 hours beforehand, all paid amounts will be returned, deducted from: non-refundable amounts previously paid for any subcontracted services, entrance tickets, booking fees and insurance costs (if applicable). Within 48 hours all reservations are final and paid amounts cannot be refunded. If applicable, other non-refundable amounts previously paid for any subcontracted services will be charged. For Workshops and Experiences, as well as subcontracted services, only cancellations with a minimum of 7 days notice will be refunded. 

Data protection
Client’s personal information will be used for the only purpose of reserving requested programs and activities (please see our Privacy Policy).

Terms and Conditions


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