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We have prepared some off-the-shelf themed guides with the best of Lisbon, for you and your family. With these, you and your kids will be able to experience the secrets of the city, travel through this centennial city history and still check top attractions. All information is up-to date.


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Little Lisbon has created full-day programs for groups of children or families to better explore some special spots in Lisbon, such as museums and parks, combining nature and heritage. These programs eventually include guided visits, learning activities or hands-on workshops.


Check the places we have selected or, if you prefer, we can arrange a special day at you favorite spot (see Custom Travel Planning and Itineraries for more information).

Check out some of the things that might make your travel experience even more interesting and relaxing: rental services (children and baby gear, gadgets and transports), accompanying service, babysitting and events booking.


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Little Lisbon develops customized itineraries for your family. We take into account your kids’ ages, yours and their interests, preferences, and personal rhythm. Lisbon is an exciting city, so many things to see, so many experiences - how can you make the perfect choice? We can help, by designing your trip to Lisbon, selecting an itinerary with all up to date information and suggestions. We also provide a curated selection of activities aimed for fun!

You can then use this travel plan by yourself, following our suggestions, or you can have one of our guides lead you.

Little Lisbon offers private tours for families and small groups of children. You just have to choose the tour and we do the rest. You and your kids will discover an exciting city, its mysteries and quirks at your own pace! To make sure you get the best of this experience, we tailor each tour with fun and appealing activities during the tour.


All our tours include child-friendly explanation and information, while visiting or attending play & learn activities, in a relaxed, friendly and familiar way.



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Little Lisbon operates all year round. Please contact us by e-mail for further details.