Lisbon for kids - custom travel plan

Custom Travel Planning & Itineraries

Do your kids love animals? Are they fans of kings and princesses? Do they love arts, or are builders? Are they detectives, inquisitive and always solving mysteries? Tell us about your kids' interests, and we will design a unique itinerary specifically for you and your family.


When are you planning to arrive? How long will you stay?  What are your kids' ages and biggest interests? We will select and present to you our specially curated options for visiting the city, so that when you leave you also take a bag full of great memories and experiences!


All our itineraries include an introduction to the city's history and geography, up-to-date information on the places to visit (location, visiting hours, transportation), highlights and curiosity facts about museums and monuments included. It will also include suggestions on exhibitions and other entertainment and artistic events happening at the time of your visit, places to eat and shop, and much more.