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Enrich your family trip to Lisbon including your children’s interests. Enjoy experiences designed to disclose Portuguese culture, through educational activities, leisure, and strengthening of family ties.

Little Lisbon offers private walking tours for families. You and your kids will discover an exciting city, its mysteries and quirks at your own pace! To make sure you get the best of this experience, we tailor each tour with fun and appealing activities & challenges. All our tours include child-friendly explanation and information, while walking or doing play & learn activities, in a relaxed, friendly and familiar way.

For the most curious families who want to get a deeper insight and explore museums and monuments, discovering the small and large treasures they hide, Little Lisbon offers private guided tours and self-guided hunts to a selection of museums and monuments in Lisbon and Sintra. Discover collections, special pieces, secrets and curiosities through an activity tailored to the interests of the youngsters! 

In close collaboration with the  educational departments of our partner institutions, we have developed a set of programs that include 'hands-on' activities and workshops. These are fun and engaging learning activities that evolve the entire family in a genuinely Portuguese experience, that goes straight to the roots of our culture and history. 

We have prepared some off-the-shelf trails and themed guides with the best of Lisbon, for you and your family. With these, you and your kids will be able to experience the secrets of the city, travel through its centennial history and still not miss top attractions. Or, we can develop a customized itinerary for your family!

Check out some of the things that might make your travel experience even more interesting and relaxing: rental services (children and baby gear, gadgets and transports), accompanying service, babysitting and events booking.

Little Lisbon is here to help you!

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We plan private tours for organized groups of children or families, including schools, anniversary parties and corporate services. We will create a specific program for your group, including walking tours, hands-on activities and guided visits to museums, monuments and parks, together with several group activities that combine healthy competition while learning about Lisbon. 

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Little Lisbon. Hands-on Activities. Lisbon for kids. Kids activities. Family activities. Workshops and Experiences. Viajar Lisboa crianças familia.
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