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About Us 

The idea of creating Little Lisbon was born within a local family, while visiting a new city with kids. We are strongly motivated to share more about Portuguese culture - our history, our heritage, our traditions and artistic expressions. 
We seek for the strengthening of family ties, through family experiences that will create many positive memories to be shared. Welcome!
Meet our team!
Little Lisbon has sought to integrate into its team members whose training and professional experience are complementary to the development of our programs, especially in the educational, cultural and artistic areas. Plus, we are experienced mums & docents, looking forward to meet your family and welcome you to Lisbon in a child-friendly & fun way! Most members of the team are also certified tourist guides.
LITTLE LSBON. Lisbon For Kids. Meet our Team
Mariana Sargo (founder, ceo & guide)

Hello! I am Mariana, born and raised in Lisbon and now mother of a highschooler boy and a middlechooler girl who, like me, both love Lisbon and Portuguese history. I've graduated in Landscape Architecture and later in Tourism (tour guiding), both combined leading me to do what I enjoy the most: walking around the city and exploring it with our younger visitors!


LITTLE LISBON. Lisbon For Kids. Meet our Team
Maria K. Mestre (co-founder & guide)

Hi, I am Maria! I was born and raised in Germany, where I graduated with a degree in Art History and Languages. In 2006 I moved to Lisbon and am almost a local by now. I am married to a Portuguese and we have two little daughters. When I first came to Lisbon I fell in love with the city and the people and I have now been working as a tour guide in and around Lisbon for many years. I would love to show you and your children the Lisbon I fell in love with!

Little Lisbon is also a proud member of:
Turismo de Portugal
Turismo de Lisboa, Lisbo para crianças, Lisbon for Kids, Lisbon con niños, Lisbonne avec enfants

Our Mission is to provide outstanding and distinguished experiences to children visiting Lisbon, through unique and genuine family experiences. We aim to promote Portuguese culture, particularly through the disclosure of our history, heritage, traditions and cultural expressions.​

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