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About our Tours


Our tours are aimed to improve your visit experience. As a result, we have devised five 'commandments' for our walking tours and day-at programs or, in a more practical way, the top 5 tips to make sure everything goes fine during your walks in Lisbon!



Selection of the programs

Little Lisbon is here to help your family have an incredible Lisbon and cultural heritage experience. Our programs are specifically designed for families and children, including hands-on activities, interactive storytelling and games. All of these are aimed to improve your experience while keeping the entire family or group of children engaged and entertained, and still learning about history, science, arts and nature. Before starting, make sure you choose the best program for your kids and their interests. All our tours are complemented with challenging activities and are themed and categorized (history, arts, nature, science) thus helping you to select. Also, pay attention to your kids' ages and the duration and distance we plan to walk (you know them better...).



Make sure you and the kids wear comfortable clothes and shoes. A coat or a sweater might be useful even in summer time, because it gets cold inside some monuments and museums, and also outside after sunset. In summertime, don't forget to bring a hat and sunglasses for all (Lisbon is known by its fantastic bright sunlight) and make sure you apply sunscreen before starting the tour. In winter or rainy weather, don't forget to bring a raincoat.


Food & Water

Have a very energetic and complete breakfast before starting the tour and don't forget to bring water (although there will probably be a few drinking fountains on the way). Bringing some snacks (fruit, crackers) might also be a good idea.


Baby transport

Although it is very interesting, the city pavement can become very irregular. Also, because the city has many sloped streets (Lisbon is known as the city of 7 hills), it might become a bit difficult for baby strollers and pushchairs. If you need to bring one, make sure it is a light, thin one. Baby carriers, back carriers or woven wraps & slings are a good option for babies and toddlers.   


During the walks / visits

All our tours and inside visits are planned to be walked in a leisurely pace. No hurry! We can stop at any time and as many times as necessary. While walking, we will all look for each other so that we all keep safe and sound.

On children's and group's programs kids are identified with identification bracelets.



All our tours and activities are covered with insurance for each participant, and our guides have received specific training and are familiar with first aid techniques.


Please read our Terms & Conditions to know more about the general contractual conditions by which Little Lisbon provides its services.



Have a good walk, and enjoy the city!




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